TECHNICAL designer 


Mindy’s been working in the architectural field as a Technical Designer for 22 years. When she began her career she used the first windows based AutoCAD version and over the years was introduced to and became an early adopter of Revit. She’s been using Revit almost exclusively for more than 12 years now and has managed templates, detail libraries and content libraries in past employment rolls. She loves doing as-built modeling as well as new projects. She always wants to put out the best product possible to the client and is detail oriented.

If I had a super power,
it would be: 

Teleportation! It would be amazing to pop over to Italy for dinner or zip to the sunny beaches of some tropical paradise for an afternoon in the dead of Minnesota winter without the need for plane tickets, luggage, lodging or planning. Of course it would have to also include the ability to bring my loved ones along with me.

Favorite Movie Quote: 

“Be excellent to each other!”

– Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Kira Strey

Kira Strey

Rooney Kaeding

Rooney Kaeding

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Jennifer Kaeding

Jennifer Kaeding

When I’m not at work,
I like to:

Be a band/drumline mom for my son’s various performing ensembles. I love to be there for as much as possible because they grow up way too fast!


I love hanging out with my family and my awesome dog, Ripley.


I love to travel when I get the opportunity. I’ve been able to see a lot of the US and go to Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and Australia in my life but I’d like to experience as much of the world as I can in the future.


Sleeping, watching movies, drawing, camping (when we get the chance).

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